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Brings the Finest Quality of Natural Goodness from Indonesia’s rich Earth for your Selection

About Synectic in Nature

Having started as a natural botanical supplier, Synectic in Nature has grown into one of the trusted exporter of natural spices, coffee, and honey products, exporting to countries all over the world. For the past few years, Synectic in Nature has achieved impressive growth rates by building stronger relationships with existing clients and simultaneously adding new ones. This achievement in growth is a confirmation of Synectic’s understanding of the market and its ability to satisfy the varied requirements of different countries and cultures, its clients, and its final customers. Global environmental concerns have put the focus on nature and its products with over 10 years of experience in the export-import business. Our great pleasure is to offer the best Natural resource from Indonesia to your Country.

Synectic in Nature offers a wide range of natural products used for spices, coffee shops and medicine. The best product and quality are selected from the finest quality natural resources in order to make world-class products. From creativity to innovation, production, and execution, the Synectic in Nature team of sales and production staff strive to give prompt and knowledgeable service, enabling our clients to offer affordable and attractive products in today’s competitive consumer market.

Synectic in Nature owns the product growth plants in some Indonesia’s Provinces, the collection warehouse which is equipped with packaging systems and preparation for sale, thus completing the entire cycle from Production-Packaging-Storage, storage and export of products to wholesalers. The company was established in 2020, The fresh spices, coffee, and honey products we export vary according to the seasons but mainly and without limitation . With the completion of the storage plant and the preparation of the product for export, the company completes the entire chain from production to departure for export. Currently our company is exporting products almost all over Europe with a greater concentration in countries such as: Italy, Romania, Switzerland, Germany, etc, But also in neighboring countries such as: Malaysia, China, Australia, etc .

The staff of the Synectic in Nature company is composed of employees with a lot of experience and qualified, starting from employees who deal with growing in the greenhouse of products, employees who deal with the selection of products to other farmers, employees who prepare the product for export as well as all staff dealing with the organization and customers down to the last detail. The objectives for the future are the closing of the sales cycle to the final consumer as well as the certification of the products.

Why Choose Us

Trust is the true foundation of business, that’s what we’ve been trying to build for years

First hand supply, complete supply chain, good control of product prices, which can be sustained and stable to provide dealers and buyers with stable quality and best price Natural Resource.

We offer only organic products grown in natural and pure conditions

We have a professional quality control team, to ensure that your hands of the product quality and reliability. Supporting products and services that delight customers, and delivering the best quality From selected Natural resources

We are located in the natural resource producing area, directly from the field to your warehouse, with no middleman price difference link, for you to maximize the cost savings, and increase profits. The direct production area supplies directly, avoiding the middleman to earn the difference.

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