Cilembu Honey Sweet Potato / Honey Yam

About Cilembu Honey Sweet Potato / Honey Yam

Honey Sweet Potato (Ubi Cilembu) is a specialty sweet potato native to the Cilembu village and nearby areas in West Java, Indonesia. It is known for its soft and sticky texture with a sweet honey-like glaze when roasted or baked.. We offer best quality product that is planted in high special technique and accentuating of quality, quantity and intensification farming to produce healthy product. 

The original Cilembu sweet potato has a vein texture that is slightly visible on the skin. The surface of the skin is yellow but there is a faint red color coming from the flesh. If split will look reddish. Cilembu Honey Sweet Potato / Honey Yam is different with usual sweet Potato, the taste, aroma and textire is much better than usual sweet potato