About Indonesian Coconuts

Indonesia is one of the largest exporters of Coconut. At least 8.600 tons of coconut from Indonesia have been shipped and then exported worldwide. In 2018, Indonesia produced approximately 18 million tons of coconut. Hence, Indonesia was also the biggest exporter of coconut products during that year. With total cultivation area of approximately 3 million hectares in Jawa, Sumatra and Sulawesi. Coconuts grown in Indonesia are famous worldwide, and we at Synectic in Nature are here to ensure that our tastiest coconut products are bought and enjoyed by our clients in various countries.

We export a comprehensive assortment of Coconut Products, made from supreme-quality coconut with unbeatable quality husked coconut, fresh coconut, grated coconut, coconut briquette, husked/semi-husked coconut, and Broomsticks. We are offering a wide collection of fresh coconuts that are collected from fresh gardens and farms. These coconuts are known for their high nutritive values, tastes, and multi-usages. These coconuts have world-famous recognition and are widely used in different dishes. We are offering these fresh coconuts at the most competitive price.

We are supported by an experienced team and a well-equipped manufacturing plant, which has enabled us to stand as one of the leading coconut exporters in Indonesia. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable coconut products supplier, we can definitely help you, we are Synectic in Nature, a company that has been exporting coconut products from Indonesia and shipped for all around the world. We strive to come up with innovative technical ideas to ensure that our customers get the best. Our transparency in deals and goodwill relation with our customers makes us one of the favorites of our clients.

Synectic in Nature is one of the leading exporters and suppliers of Coconuts and its products from Indonesia to the global markets with the best quality that meets international standards. Synectic in Nature holds the potential of supplying coconuts in huge quantities. We export the product from Indonesia in its original form without chemical processing, so the product sustains the original taste. Customer satisfaction is one of the most important pillars of our company.

Our goal is to carry out our vision in producing the highest and finest standard of coconut products, as well as consistent quality of our coconut products. We strive to bring the best, and the finest grade of coconut produces, and we are committed to ensuring it is the safest, the best, and freshest produces that arrives in our manufacturers, processed and dedicated for our loyal customers.

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