Coconut Briquette

About Coconut Briquette

Indonesia charcoal made of 100% high quality coconut shell. The process starts with the burning process of coconut shell. After that, we crush and mold the coconut shell charcoal into briquette shape. In this process, we add tapioca starch as the binder. Our coconut charcoal briquette is safe for food industries, and mainly are for hookah / sisha and barbecue. We ensure the quality of product with several prevention and inspection activities through out the production process. We provides varieties grades of coconut charcoal briquettes, as accordance with your preferences. Indonesia charcoal is 100% natural eco-friendly product which means no tree was cut to manufacture this product. Its premium product with no chemicals, odourless, and burn 3 times longer.

Several advantages of having our coconut charcoal compare to others type of charcoal are; (1) it provides long-lasting burning time with small amount of ash as the residue; (2) Produce white and less smokes; (3) Does not easily make your food over burnt when you use it for cooking. It is a perfect burner, efficient burning point. Coconut briquette charcoal has a relatively high burning point very suitable for long grilling and cooking. It also burns longer than every other type of charcoal. In addition, Coconut charcoal also produces less smoke, plus added natural coconut scent when burning coconut briquette charcoal. Since it has a higher burning point, it will burn longer; therefore you will not easily burn your food during grilling

Capacity Supply:

500 MT / monthly

Load Container:

20 feet Container: Max load 17-18 MT

40 feet Container: Max load 24 -25 MT


Type: Charcoal Briquette

Grade: Premium

Moisture content : max 6%

Ash content : 2,3% - 3%

Ash color : white / light grey

Volatile matter : 14%

Fixed carbon content : min 80%

Ignition time : < 2 minutes

Total ignition time : 10 minutes

Calorific value : 7000 – 7500 Kcal/kg

Burning temperature : 500 degrees C

Burning time average : 90 – 120 minutes

Ash Color: White Smoke

Max Calories: 7500

Volatile Matter: < 15%

Variant Size: 20x20x20mm (120pcs/kg), 25x25x25mm (72pcs/kg) and according to customers request

Packaging: Inner plastic + Inner Box (1 kg) + Master Box

Place of Origin: West Java, Indonesia

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