Coconut Fiber

About Coconut Fiber

Coconut fiber or coir is a product which is extracted from the outer shell of the coconut fruit. Coconut fiber is the processed coconut coir which has many benefits and can be used in various industries. Become the raw material of many products, such as ropes, mats, brushes, brooms, mattresses, car seats, and many others. Aside from those benefits in various industries, coconut fiber is also useful in irrigation systems. It has good quality in holding water to be the barrier. In addition, people also often use coconut fiber as planting media, especially in hydroponic industry.

Generally, coco fiber is used as fertilizer or planting medium for plants. The benefits of coco fiber can accelerate the process of plant growth and can strengthen plants. Thus, the market of coconut fiber is not only to factories but also to home/retail consumers, depending on their needs. Hence, the demand for coconut fiber is increasing over the years due to its benefits, quality, and affordable price. The use of coco fiber which is good for plants makes many countries need coco fiber for crops, especially in winter. Because coir fiber acts as a fertilizer and planting medium and can make plants thrive.

As the leading supplier of coconut fiber in Indonesia, we supply only high-quality coconut fiber to our customers. In one month, we managed to produce 200 to 300 tons of coco fiber and it is ready to be distributed all over the world.


  • Color: Golden Brown

  • Moisture: max 18%

  • Fiber Length: 5 – 25 cm

  • Packaging: Bale 80 kg-110 kg

  • MOQ: 17 MT-20 MT/40ft Container

  • Color: Golden Brown

  • Max Quantity: 200-300 MT/ Month

  • Origin Indonesia

  • Minimum Order : 1 x 40 FCL

  • Payment Term T/T by Bank Transfer (50% Advance and 50% BL Copy)

  • Shipping Term FOB, CIF, & CNF

  • ETD: About 30 Days After Advance Payment Received

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