White Copra

About White Copra

White Copra is dried meat of coconut that are cut in half. There are two grades of white copra, which are regular and edible grades. Regular white copra mostly also be used for coconut oil production, however, it will result in different specifications and characteristics. Compared to the coconut oil from black or yellowing copra, it will have lower FFA points. While the edible grade is the best grade of copra. It has white color and minimum diameter of around 8 centimeters. Edible grade, just like its name, can be consumed directly. while the edible grade of copra is also consumed as a dry fruit and used for religious purposes. In addition, edible white copra can also be used as ingredient in the food industry. We are engaged in offering copra that used in extracting oil and also used as dry fruit.

Our range of copra is known for their high nutritive values and quality. These are exported to different countries through proper packaging thus making them safe for long transition. We are offering copra at reasonable rates and our coconut copra is of high quality and can be availed by our clients in big and small quantities. Coconut oil is extracted traditionally by grating or grinding copra, then boiling it in water. Nowadays, the process of coconut oil extraction is done by crushing copra to produce coconut oil, and the by-product is known as cake. Our team regularly checks the quality of the products in several steps, including the raw material selection and final checking before we pack the products. Hence, we ensure that our finished goods meet our high standard procedure.

Capacity Supply:

300 MT / montly

Load Container:

20 feet Container: Max load 11-12 MT

40 feet Container: Max load 24 -25 MT

Product Specification

Type: Natural Sun Dried, Half-Cut, Coconut Kernels

Moisture: Max 6%

Oil Content: Min 70%

Free Fatty Acid: Max 0.5%

Green: 0% (not detected)

Burnt: Max 2%

Smoky: Max 5%

Rubbery: Max 5%

Defect: max 5%

Diameter: 4-8 cm

Packaging: Jute Gunny Bags / Plastic Bags

Place of Origin: Indonesia

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