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About Tender Coconuts

Tender coconuts are young coconuts that have started to mature. Tender Coconuts are consumed largely in the summer season for their cooling properties and as a natural drink. This offers all the nourishment and goodness of nature to a person, and the supplement drink has vitamins B and C along with minerals to provide energy for the whole day. It is a natural substitute for glucose. Fresh, young Tender coconuts are an excellent food source and good for health because its own sweet scent, delicious taste and enrich Nutritional value. It mixes easily with blood. It contains sugar, fiber, protein antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The coconut water inside the raw green coconut has high nutritional value. Drinking fresh green coconut water gives instant energy when you feel tired. The meat is also delicious and rich in nutrients.

We export Tender coconuts that are organically grown on our farms. We harvest young coconuts at the appropriate growth stage. It is available in different sizes. The clients can choose the size and weight of the coconut they need. We are capable of supplying Tender Coconut with fresh green coconuts throughout the year. We deliver high-quality fresh green coconuts from India to any part of the world. Our naturally grown green coconuts are used in various industries. Due to its medicinal properties, it is also used to treat some vitamin deficiency diseases and dehydration. We export raw green Tender coconuts to the Gulf Countries, the UK, Germany, Australia, France, the USA, and all other parts of the world. Our prominent export places are Gulf countries like Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc.

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