Robusta Coffee

About Robusta Coffee

Robusta coffee has a predominantly bitter taste compared to Arabica coffee and contains more caffeine levels. Robusta coffee has a wider coverage area than Arabica coffee. Robusta coffee will be good to grow if it is planted in highlands that have an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. Robusta is the second most popular bean in the world after Arabica. Robusta accounts for about 40% of global coffee production. In Indonesia, around 85 percent of coffee plants produced in Indonesia are robusta types. Robusta coffee itself is known for its strong and bold character. Robusta coffee is also known for its bitter taste, but even so, this coffee drink still has loyal fans from various regions in Indonesia.

High-quality Robusta beans have a special, acceptable, and distinct flavor profile that is unique to these beans. High-quality Robusta beans are very popular for enriching the taste of milk drinks such as cappuccino, and caffè latte and, of course, as a component of caffeine-rich espresso blends. Robusta offers an earthy flavor, somewhat grainy, with tones of oak and pleasant bitterness. The aftertaste of Robusta is also often reminiscent of peanuts. Just as with Arabica, the flavor profile is of course largely dependent on the roast, in addition to the region of origin.

Robusta Java

The enjoyment of Javanese robusta coffee is certainly unquestionable. Javanese robusta coffee has even penetrated various countries. However, coffee connoisseurs are more familiar with it by the name of Java Robusta or Java Mocha. If you are a connoisseur of light coffee, then Javanese robusta can be an option. Because this coffee has a clean taste with the aroma of sweet tobacco, chocolate cake, and full body. One of the most popular Javanese robusta coffee-producing areas is Temanggung and Dampit Malang. These areas are part of the province in Java which is known to have fertile land. So it is very suitable for cultivating coffee plants in this area. Malang and Temanggung Regencies are one of the best Robusta coffee producers in Indonesia. The taste of Robusta coffee in these two regions is loved by many people because it is similar to mocha coffee; has a whole body, as well as a scent similar to tobacco. These coffee beans are planted on fertile land at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, thus making the taste of this coffee so special and imprinted in the hearts of its connoisseurs. Robusta Dampit Malang and Temanggung coffee not only attracts local coffee lovers but also foreign countries, especially the European continent. If you are a coffee connoisseur with a unique taste, you must taste this Javanese Robusta.

Robusta Sumatra

The distinctive feature of Lampung robusta coffee is its medium acidity, high body, with a range of notes between dark chocolate, woody and nutty. Its distinctive aroma and taste make Lampung’s robusta a coffee that is enjoyed by many people. Lampung Robusta coffee has the most delicate texture, also known for its thick bitter taste, just like other coffee from Sumatra. Lampung Robusta coffee has a more unique coffee bitterness when compared to other robusta coffee. Then from the geographical location, climate, and fertile soil conditions, Lampung’s robusta coffee has different flavors than other Indonesian robusta coffees. Pagar Alam is a city in South Sumatra, Indonesia. Pagaralam City is one of the areas that is famous for its expanse of coffee plantations. Pagar Alam is located by the Bukit Barisan Mountains, at the feet of Mount Dempo, a volcano and the highest mountain in South Sumatra. Pagar Alam is located in the highland making the city slightly cooler than many of the other South Sumatra cities. Pagar Alam Coffee is located on the slopes of Mount Dempo. The cool mountain air is suitable for coffee plants so this area is known as a producer of delicious coffee since the Dutch era. Dempo coffee is one of the favorites and is known for its tempting aroma. The aroma is distinctive and softer when drunk.

Product Specification


Type: Green Bean or roasted bean (as Requested)

Variety: Robusta

Origin: Jawa and Suamtra

Cult. Altitude: 800 - 1200 meters

Process: Natural/full washed (as Requested)

Moisture: 12%

Density: 0.7 gr

Mineral residues fixed: 2% max.

Caffeine: 0.7% min.

Total Nitrogen:12.5% min.

MICROBIOLOGICAL: Absence of dirt, parasites, and worms.


Individual Package (as Request)

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