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About Sialang Honey

Sialang Honey has citrusy notes resulting from the tangy taste of the Bidaro fruit blossom nectar sucked by the bees. Bees in Sialang tree gather the nectar of local durian, bidaro, and kedondong trees. This mix gives your honey its color and flavor. Apart from the local wisdom, Sialang Honey has a unique taste - not too sweet with a strong aroma. For centuries, the people in villages around Sialang trees have been enjoying delicious wild honey. It’s incredibly good for your health – it keeps your heart and your immune system strong. Maybe that’s why many of people in Sialang area live for so long: average 80 years old but still young and full of energy!. Sialang honey has been believed for a long time by tribes in Riau as sorcerer's honey that can provide healing, longevity, and youth. Until now, no one has been able to explain why this bee only wants to nest in the sialang tree, even though there are so many other trees around it, that's why people say Sialang Honey is a miracle from Indonesia's tropical forests.

100% Pure Raw Forest Honey

100% Organic

From Wild Bee in Sialang Trees at Riau Rain Forest

No Heating Process

No Preservatives

Sustainability Harvested

No Added Sugar & Artificial Flavorants

Ethically Traded and Traceable

Sialang Tree (Koompassia excelsa) is an endemic tree of Bukit Tiga Puluh (30 Hills), Sumatra. Sialang trees is usually higher and stronger than other trees in the forest. Sialang itself is the name for a tree that houses beehives with a height up to 60 meters and because their branches are so high up, the giant honeybees (Apis dorsata binghami) love to build their hives there. In just one tree, we can have as many as 30 hives.

The Sialang Honey is relied upon as a source of income for local communities in Siak and Pelalawan Village.

The practice of deforestation and continuous and irresponsible harvesting has resulted in the rare existence of the liquid. At present, the productivity of sialang honey in Siak and Pelalawan Village is decreasing due to the conversion of forest into plantations. The conversion of forest caused decreasing if honey production because the availability of types of flowers as a food source of bee is increasingly limited.

Ancient Ritual before Harvesting Sialang Honey, Harvesting is done sustainably using traditional methods, ancient mantra­, and rituals, ensuring that a portion of the bee comb is still intact to allow sustenance of the bee colonies. Local communities regard the Sialang trees as a protected tree species with a long-standing. Honey collection is a seasonal activity that varies from year-to-year and seen as an ethnic ritual. Ancient ritual is done at night regarding the culture and customs that have been carried out for generations.

The people of Riau Tribe believe that the Sialang tree is always inhabited by ethereal creatures. So for each stage climbing is always accompanied by an incantation or called a long chant. In addition to its function to protect oneself from supernatural things, long singing also means advising the bees to fall asleep so that there are no obstacles to getting to the branches.

Harvesting is done sustainably using traditional methods, It requires special skill to be able to harvest the honey, and harvesting normally done in group which work collectively. A single tree can have between 10 to 30 bee combs hanging on its branches. Collecting wild forest honey is quite dangerous and not everyone can make their way up the towering branches. In Sumatra, we call Sialang climbers ‘juaro’ which means champion. They must climb confidently while being careful to avoid getting stung along the way. It's a task only for the very brave, but the wonderful honey is certainly worth the climb. The tree is a sialang, meaning “big tree with honey.” harvesting Sialang Honey is not an easy job. It has to be carried out at night to not to disturb the bees or damage the tree.

According to Ayurveda, honey from the forests is considered to have the maximum healing properties. According to modern researchers, dark honey from the forests contains the maximum antioxidants in it. Our Wild Honey fits both these descriptions and is a definite healing superfood.

Traditional community law protects sialang trees and their beehives, as well as about 100 hectares of forest surrounding each tree. The seven villages have 154 trees, meaning they provide protection for 15,400 hectares of forest. A single tree has between 10 to 30 bee combs. However, sialang trees favored are also favored by loggers as they fetch a better price. Many of sialang species are now critically endangered. Logging not only threatens the forest, but also the livelihoods of the local traditional people who collect wild honey.

Synectic in Nature is promoting the wild honey business in order to minimize illegal logging. The benefits would be great, not only for the forest but also for the people who collect the honey and market it. The community's 154 trees have 2,044 bee hives, which produce 81,760kg of honey per year. Bukit Tigapuluh as the homeland of Sialang honey was made in partnership and the ethical company with Synectic in Nature (from the Mother Company of PT. Synectic Global), with support from Partnerships for Forests. All of the profits are shared within my community, and it helps protect the Bukit Tigapuluh landscape.

Honey is a big source of income for my family. Having this partnership means I get a fair price, and can earn a lot more. The buying price is also stable, and I do not have to search for new buyers for every sale. For us, it has been life-changing! (Massage from Sialang Climbers)


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